February 12 2017


Outshine finalizing their new album in the studio as we speak! New vocals and mixes in progress:

Hey friends & fiends,

The work on the new album entitled "1313" is now in full progress again. I´ve picked up the recordings in Grand Recordings in Gothenburg, Sweden again and.... I´m really excited about how the album is evolving. Dark, heavy and at the same time groovy in the right, depressing, agonizing way.... the Outshine way :)

Auditions with potential singers has now been finalized.... and the person that will put evil, dark, groovy, melancholy vocals on the new Outshine album is.... well, you have to wait for the first single and the first show to find out :) It sounds truly amazing and I really hope this will be the starting point for something great!

Current bassist Niklas Ingvarsson is tagging along as member of the Outshine crusade! "I´m totally stoked about the sound of the album and the new vocals, so depressing, dark and hooky at the same time. Can´ wait to go on tour with this material" I´m very happy his joining me in this new endeavors. Drummer will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

For me it is for great importance that not only the sound and vibe is there, the overall mindset of the guys that will represent Outshine is as important. Outshine for me should be an statement against oppression, governmental hypocrisy and cynicism towards humans of different origins. I feel that we´re on the right track now.

Regarding the recording, I´ll let you in on some short sound clips when the mix is ready :)

//Jimmy - Outshine

November 19 2016


Transport League in the studio together with producer Roberto Laghi (In Flames, Mustasch, Hardcore Superstar etc) recording their new album using the Outshine drum kit which is house kit in the studio.

November 6 2016


Masd Man´s Choice is recorded and now we have Outshine in the studio finalizing their new album "1313". Transport League will enter the studio in early November!